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Welcome To The Society of Accounting Education

The Society of Accounting Education (SOAE) has been established in August 2010 under a license issued by theRegistrar Joint Stock Companies, City District Government Lahore, Government of Punjab, Punjab, Pakistan under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Section XXI).

The Society of Accounting Education (SOAE) has launched its main program “Certified Financial Accountants”, for the on-going education and setting of qualifying standards to ensure professional competence of its members in the practice of accountancy.

The Certified Financial Accountant Program has been designed to provide quality education in the Accountancy and Financial Management with the objective to reach at the level whereby Jobs could be achieved easily, starting from foundation stage to certification award stage.

President's Message

By the grace of Almighty Allah and blessings of his Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), we established The Society of Accounting of Education (SOAE) to promote comparative and international studies in the field of Accountancy & Finance in Pakistan.

At present SOAE is offering Certified Financial Accountant professional memberships and launched various certificate / diploma courses on distant learning. All these programs have been designed professionally and matching with the International standards. Expert view has also been taken from the financial experts, industrialists and business community, nationally and internationally. Needless to say, our courses are industry specific, highly focused and therefore ensure right placement in the right organizations for our members.

Latest News & Events
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Vision Statement
To be the foremost accountancy professional body in Pakistan and to be a leading body in providing platform to promote amity among accounting educators and professionals in Pakistan.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute towards the advancement of accounting education, research and practice governed by human values and to be the trusted profession providing reliable answers and exceptional services, while building relationships of mutual respect.

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